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Available Solutions



Depending on your hearing status, physical and cosmetic demands, a large variety of solutions to your hearing and communication problems are available. They can be grouped into hearing aids for mild to severe sensory- neural and conductive hearing losses or Bone Conduction hearing devices, for conductive hearing losses or in cases where conventional hearing aids cannot be used. If your hearing is too poor to get any benefit from hearing aids we can fit you with Cochlear implants. If you suffer from Tinnitus or have hearing loss with tinnitus we can provide you with the world’s best Tinnitus treatment. Our customized therapy programs can help you if hearing aids or cochlear implants are not sufficient to understand language or if you suffer from CAPD.

The THSG advantage

Choosing “The Hearing Solution Group” (THSG) as your trusted partner for your journey to better hearing gives you many unique advantages and benefits which you will find nowhere else.

With more than 50 Centres, THSG is SEA biggest independent hearing healthcare provider.

Being an independent but professional run company ensures that you always get the latest products and professional service. Our regular training meetings ensure that all our staff are up to date with the latest products and audiological procedures to ensure you getting the best assistance.

Our holistic approach ensures that we are able to assist you whatever your hearing and communication needs are with the right tests, devices, therapy and aftercare services. Always remember, you won’t know what you need before you are tested, so visit us today for an assessment.

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