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Treatment Overview


Treatment Overview

In most cases, tinnitus is the result of a vicious cycle set in motion by a high frequency hearing loss combined with trigger causes (stress, alcohol, etc...) which triggering neural sounds into consciousness by assigning them undue importance label which lead to constant attention causing emotional effects cumulating in stress and anxiety – Tinnitus.

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment aims at breaking this vicious cycle by providing highly personalized solutions to all aspects of the root causes of your tinnitus in 2 different stages. As the only system in the market Neuromonics is able to use masking as well as music stimulation in the appropriate high frequency range necessary to give you the relief and long term benefit you are looking for.

The customized high frequency masking signal gives you immediate relief from your tinnitus, while the customized music signal relaxes you and desensitizes you to the tinnitus disturbance effectively breaking the vicious cycle.

The treatment is preceded by a thorough assessment of your tinnitus, your tinnitus history including high frequency audiometry and tinnitus pitch matching.

This information is used to program your customized chip for your Oasis treatment device.

The treatment is divided into two stages with continuous guidance and counselling of a qualified professional. It typically takes about 6-8 month during which you have to listen to a choice of 4 music tracks 2 – 4 hours daily in the comfort of your home.

The FDA approved the full Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment for sever sufferers of tinnitus as a system for permanent reduction of tinnitus disturbance to a manageable level.


Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Benefits

  • Short-term process
  • Easy- to- use- device
  • Non –invasive
  • Significant tinnitus relief
  • Long-term reduction of tinnitus disturbance
  • Improved sleep habits

Neuromonics offers three different products / treatments which are FDA approved.

  1. Sanctuary, for less severe sufferers, who seek relief of their tinnitus at certain times, while using the device. It uses semi customized music to provide relief from tinnitus.
  2. Haven is designed for relief from tinnitus perception while using the device. This is using fully customized music like the Oasis but with only one stage
  3. The full Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (Oasis) is meant for severe sufferers of tinnitus and offers a permanent reduction of tinnitus disturbance to a manageable level.