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Wireless Systems

Varied solutions are available today depending on your childs individual hearing situation. However a few basics rules apply to all situations. Your child needs to hear as early in life as possible, from both ears and as well as possible. This often includes providing hearing aids with child appropriate technology.

Important: Not all hearing instruments and not all technology is appropriate for your child in all situations at all stages of auditory development.

Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Regardless if Hearing aids or cochlear implants are being used your child needs additional help to hear in noise, over distance or in reverberating environments. Basically your child needs additional help in school or other educational settings.

Blue Tooth or FM systems are small radio transmitters and receivers. They pick up the voice of the speaker close to its source, the mouth. Then, the voice will be wirelessly transmitted directly into your childs hearing devices, ears. This will effectively overcome the problem of noise, distance and reverberation.

A wireless system is useful in many everyday situations indoors as well as outdoors. However, it is absolutely essential for your child in educational setting from kindergarten over school to university.