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Range of Human Hearing

Range of Human Hearing

Range of Human Hearing

The central auditory systems in our brain are designed to receive and work with this vast range and tiny differences in loudness and pitch.

However we don’t use most of this vast range consciously, to listen to music and speech. The Music we are commonly listen too at comfortable loudness only utilises a frequency range from about 50 Hz to around 15,000 Hz and an intensity range from 20dB to around 100 dB.

To listen to speech we even utilize less of our vast range, speech typically ranges from 100Hz to 10,000 Hz and an intensity range of 35 dB to 80 db.

But our extended auditory ability gives colour to music and speech and most importantly is needed to hear/understand in challenging acoustic environments.

Peripheral & Central Hearing

To better understand Hearing we divide the human hearing “organ” into Peripheral and Central Hearing. Peripheral Hearing covers everything our Ear does to process sounds, Central Hearing covers the analyses which the auditory centres in our brain undertake to give meaning to the signals coming from the ears.