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Cochlear Implant Systems

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant systems are being used if due to extensive hair cell damage, and hearing aids do not provide enough usable hearing any more

A cochlear implant system consists of two main components, a sound processor and the implant. The sound processor receives sounds through microphones, converts it to digital signals which it transmits through the skin to the Implant. The implant converts the digital signal into electrical impulses which it transmits, via an into the cochlear implanted electrode array, directly to the hearing nerve.

With such technology you will hear music and speech again which would never have been possible with hearing aids, modern implant systems can transmit a dynamic range of up to 84 dB with a resolution of up to 82,000 stimulations per second! This is to up to 156 different locations in the cochlear, giving a hearing impression of 15 different tones.

The external part, the sound processor looks a bit like a hearing aid and has some similar capabilities in regards of multi microphone technology, noise management and wireless features.


A specially designed microphone can even pick up sound directly in front of the ear canal, making sounds more natural and easy to use telephone or even normal headphones.

Hydrophonic microphone systems and completely waterproof sound processors not only give you the convenience of having a waterproof device, but let you even hear under water.

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