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THSC Advantage

Regular free mapping is provided by our own staff in various locations and by regularly visiting Advanced Bionics clinical specialists with sophisticated verification methods. Together with Advanced Bionics we offer an instantaneous product exchange of all faulty parts, free replacement during warranty, and industry’s lowest price after warranty. We will monitor your child’s progress with the help of regular sophisticated audiological and speech assessments.


Allowing your child to hear as early in life as possible is of paramount importance, that’s why we offer special packages with low cost Sound Processors but fully featured implants. However, you should never compromise on implant features. With our packages you can do exactly that. The sound processor can be upgraded any time later as your child grows and demand on more sophisticated sound processing features increase.

Indonesian Cochlear Implant Loan

Cochlear implants are a substantial, but absolutely necessary investment in your child’s future. To ease the financial burden, we have teamed up with BNI in Indonesia to offer a 0% down payment low interest loan for Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants.

The loan may be utilized for any Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant System packages; single side or both side, second side implant system or sound processor upgrades.

Free trial

Children often need to undergo a 6 month hearing aid trial before implant candidacy can be confirmed. Only The Hearing Solution Group offers you a full refund of the hearing aid cost, if purchased through THSG or approved partners, when purchasing an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant System.

Free mapping and audiological support

Mapping and regular audiological monitoring are essential for your child being a successful cochlear implant user. The Hearing Solution Group offers you unlimited access to mapping and audiological support in any of its equipped centres

Our staff is regularly trained by Advanced Bionics and we are using the latest testing equipment and procedures to support mapping sessions with objective verifications. Mapping sessions can be combined and verified with Free-Field measurements. Additionally, for smaller children we can perform eSRT’s (electrically evoked Stapedius Reflex Thresholds) an exclusive AB and THSG service. Only Advanced Bionics Cochlear implant systems can evoke repeatable and reliable stapedius reflex which can be used to objectively verify your child’s maps.

Together with Advanced Bionics regional clinical specialist or Doctor of Audiology we also organize regular free mapping and audiological assessment camps.

Always close by

With close to 50 locations in 3 countries, and still expanding, one of our centres will be always conveniently located for you to reach. Visit our Store Locator to find the most convenient location.

Give us a call to verify that the equipment, specialist or service you require is available at the location and the time you are planning to visit. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs.

Lowest cost of ownership

Advanced Bionics in cooperation with The Hearing Solution Group offer you’re the best products and services with the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.

Upkeep of a cochlear system is often not considered at the initial purchase, but product reliability, warranty periods/conditions, battery options, mapping/audiological support, accessory cost and habilitation support will be ongoing expenses for you and your child and warrant detailed consideration at the product selections. Another important factor is how close your next after care and service centre is from your house, so you don’t need to spend lots of time and money for the necessary services.

Visitors to Singapore

As the only company in Singapore in the hearing healthcare field, The Hearing Solution Company is a member of Global Blue Tax. As such you can have a hassle free GST refund for the products purchased from THSC in the airport in cash upon departure.

Habilitation Services

Offering you a one stop solution and recognizing the paramount importance of habilitation, The Hearing Solution Group operates its own habilitation department.

Our therapy integrates aspects of AVT, Advanced Bionics proprietary rehAB program and the German Warnke method into one customized system to make you or your child hear best. Furthermore, it will provide age specific listening tasks and support for Language skills development, music as well as education.

Warranty Condition

Advanced Bionics and The Hearing Solution Group have combined to provide the industry’s best warranty package for you and your child.

Implant - 10 years warranty on the implant regardless of reason for the cause of failure. In the unlikely event there is an implant failure, your child will not be getting the full benefit of the implant. In such cases, we will provide you with a new implant of the latest generation free of charge. We will also cover any hospital and surgical cost in the same hospital (or same price level) as where the initial surgery was done.

Sound Processor - Up to 5 years; depending on model and package. We do not have any warranty exclusions; if your child’s sound processor stopped working we will replace it for free with a working sound processor within the warranty period.

Headset: 5 years warranty.

Repair & Service Condition

Advanced Bionics and The Hearing Solution Group value customer satisfaction and as such we operate a repair exchange program. This means you don’t have to wait for your damaged item to go to the factory and come back. We will offer you the replacement on the spot (depending on stock availability) so you or your child will have minimal downtime without hearing.