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Hearing Journeys

As a first highlight around Hearing Journeys, we would like to highlight those that transition from Hearing Aids to Cochlear Implants. Once hearing loss is significant, Cochlear Implants may be the best option to hear better.

In December 2016, The Hearing Solution Group organised an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Technology Seminar for audiologists & audio technicians in Singapore, at Marina Bay Sands. For your information these are the hardworking clinicians who handle thousands of hearing impaired patients in Singapore, helping them to cope hearing loss and communicate better with their loved ones.

We had a fun day of learning, sharing and introducing the latest speech processors! And our usual technical sessions was punctuated with a moment of glamour when International Superstar Fann Wong dropped in to say hi to our clinicians and thank them for their work in helping hearing impaired population in Singapore.

Fann has first hand understanding of their efforts as her father, also underwent a cochlear implant surgery 4 months ago.

The risk factors of Cochlear Implants are much lower than in times past. This can be in part to the improved industry standards and engineering advancements, meaning that candidacy is now greater. Surgery is also less complicated typically taking just 2 hours. The implants themselves are also thinner, smaller and cause almost no disruption.

Who is a candidate for a Cochlear Implant?

Adults (18 years+):

  • Severe to profound, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss
  • Less than 50% speech recognition with hearing aids on open-set sentence recognition

Children (12 months -17 years):

  • Profound, bilateral sensorineural deafness
  • Little or no benefit from hearing aids

Cochlear Implants are the right solution for around 1 in a 1000 patients only.

Ms Fann Wong Question/Answer Session

1. How did you find out about Cochlear Implants?
"My father was using hearing aids for first but over the years, started struggling to hear with that. We met with several audiologists and was introduced to cochlear implants. Upon consultation with the doctors and audiologists, my father was confident to undergo the implant process and as a family we supported him".

fann-wong1 fann-wong2 fann-wong3


2. When you realized, it involved surgery, were you afraid for him? What crossed your family’s mind?
"My mother was particularly worried but my dad was calm. The information that came from the doctors and audiologists was very assuring and we were confident to proceed with the surgery"

3. The day came after the surgery, where Mr Fann came for the “switch –on” appointment, this is when the cochlear implant is turned on for the first time. Tell me more about that day.
"We were all very excited for the switch on because once that happened, I father could hear and respond to us. His immediate improvement over hearing aids was very much improved."

4. Your father has been using the Cochlear Implant for the last 4 months. How is life nowadays with him?
"It has been great. My baby boy Zed has been able to talk and play with my dad, which to me is are all priceless moments. I am thankful he went for the procedure and it has improved the quality of our family life by so much!"

If you would like to find out more about Cochlear Implants, or are an audiologist, or just keen to join us for our technology seminars, message us today and find out more!