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About Us

Welcome to The Hearing Solution Company

Established in Asia in 2003 to fill the vacuum of quality hearing healthcare in South East Asia, The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd today is part of The Hearing Solution Group, the biggest independent Hearing Health Care provider in SEA with close to 40 centres in 3 countries.

The Hearing Solution Group has its headquarter and flagship centre in Singapore and centres in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our centres offer a one-stop solution for complete hearing health care; offering a unique selection of products and services for different hearing problems, tastes and financial capabilities.

Over the last 12 years, The Hearing Solution Group is proud to have helped more than 100,000 adults and children to hear better.

Being independent, not owned by any Hearing Device manufacturer, allows us to provide a wide selection of hearing aids from different manufacturers.

We take great care to ensure, that you always get the best Hearing Aids with the most advanced technology at the best value for money.

Among our trusted Suppliers for Hearing Aids are Siemens (Germany), Starkey (USA), Bernafon (Switzerland), BHM Austria and AudioService (Germany).

Most of these brands are distributed by The Hearing Solution Group, and are exclusively available in its outlets.

Recently more and more attention is given to central/neural aspects of hearing, and latest research clearly shows, that most people with a hearing loss also suffer from reduced central auditory processing capabilities.

Luckily regardless of age or degree of hearing loss, these central auditory capabilities can be trained and retrained.

The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd is the only establishment in Singapore who offers such training.

Another very common problem is Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Ringing in the ears or as medically know Tinnitus may be greatly improved by Neuromonics ringing in the ears treatment or with best hearing aids with customizable programs to suit all degrees of ringing in the ears problems. The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd the distributor of Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, the only FDA approved and clinically proven method to successfully reduce tinnitus.

In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, this treatment is exclusively available at The Hearing Solution Group.

For clients who cannot benefit from Hearing Aids anymore due to the severity of their Hearing loss, we provide Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants.

Advanced Bionics is the manufacturer to today’s technologically most advanced 120 channel HiRes90k, Cochlear Implant.

The Hearing Solution Group is the exclusive distributor of Advanced Bionics in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

All our staff are trained and qualified to attend to all your testing and hearing needs.

At The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd, our staff has to undergo regular trainings and assessments either internally or by our product suppliers to ensure proficiency in product handling and procedures.

This is why, as the only company in its field in Singapore, The Hearing Solution Company Pte Ltd has been awarded the ISO 9001 Certification.


Provide complete hearing and communication healthcare using the latest testing procedures, equipment for acoustic or electrical stimulation and therapy to develop, restore or enhance hearing, speech perception and communication.



Compassionately helping each individual find their best personal long-term hearing and communication solution regardless of age, hearing problem and budget.